NEW RELEASE August 2022

Trying new (and healthy) foods can be a challenge for all kids to overcome, but as you’ll find out in this raucous, rhyming tale, your imagination is a valuable tool alongside your fork and spoon to turn any meal into a party!

Whether it’s imagining a medieval battle scene playing out with your vegetables, a seafaring expedition with your fruit, or a meatball car racing along the spaghetti speedway, this book is packed with ways to recreate what’s on your plate (it’s packed with nutrients, too!).

This is author Matt Deutschman’s third book in a series intended to help kids through common difficulties.


The Noise Monster, Shadow Monster, and Darkness Monster are pesky creatures who try to stir up terror all around the house.  But bravery is deep inside all kids and this story shows a multitude of creative ways to use your imagination to overcome fear.

Join our brave boys and girls who pretend to become superheroes, drive bulldozers, or figure out other ways to defeat the nagging worries that can sometimes plague children. This story personifies those fears in an approachable way and empowers kids to tap into their inner strength, with colorful images and an inviting rhyme scheme.

This is author Matt Deutschman’s second book in a series intended to help kids through common difficulties.

When these three monsters lurk around your home wreaking havoc, they can create fear in even the bravest kids! But as you'll learn in this story, bravery is something all kids can bring out to vanquish these monsters. Let's meet them:

Darkness Monster

He uses his webbed wings to block the sunlight, unscrew lightbulbs, and make it hard to see what lies ahead!

Shadow Monster

She plays tricks with the light to turn even the most pleasant household objects into scary, dark shadows on the wall!

Noise Monster

By banging on his tummy, whacking his tail around, honking his nose or ringing his horns, he makes all kinds of scary noises!

Grab a blankie and get under the covers.

Learn creative ways to enjoy a boisterous “thunder rumble” adventure. Join our friendly crew of friends and animals to build block towers and help mommy and daddy cook as they find fun ways to enjoy an afternoon thunderstorm. This story provides endless entertainment and a lively rhyme scheme.

Dance in the Rain and then Bring the Party Indoors!


The fun characters will provide comfort for young readers through any storm and help parents divert nervous energy to comfort their children.

This creative dad conjured up this alternate lens to simmer his children’s fears whenever a “thunder rumbled” in.

Watch your child’s eyes light up as they giggle and smile throughout the book.

When You Hear the Thunder Rumble Book Sensory Bin

Matt’s wife, Deanna Deutschman, founded Eureka Play in 2020 to merge her passions for organization and motherhood.  As a mom and NAPO-certified (National Association of Professional Organizers) organizer, Deanna has first-hand experience in how important creative play is and how messy and disorganized it can be!  She has developed solutions to the seemingly opposing goals of fostering creative play and keeping your house organized. 

Deanna has created a series of sensory bin toys that include a variety of fun and interactive figurines, building blocks, scenery and props to allow kids’ imagination to run wild.  They come in various themes, such as construction, rainbow, nature, and Disney’s Frozen movie.

The sensory bins provide creative, open-ended play and clear, delineated homes for things. And bins that kids can open, close and stack themselves is really just icing on the cake, so that they can continue learning independence…and parents/caregivers can kick up their feet. This teaches children to self-serve their own clean up time, teaches them that things have “homes,” and fosters life skills as they get older. 

Deanna and Matt partnered together with the release of his first book to create a “When You Hear The Thunder Rumble” themed sensory bin that can be purchased as a set along with the book.

A perfect read to calm little jitters during a storm.This was written with such love and attention to detail, but not too much detail as little listeners can’t take in too much at once. It’s just right.

Joelda Hope

Book Proceeds

A portion of proceeds from all of Matt’s books will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana.

When Matt’s son, Henry, was born in 2016, he spent the first eight days of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit at Lurie Children’s Hospital fighting for his life. While the incredible doctors, nurses and staff at Lurie helped Henry make a full and miraculous recovery, the Ronald McDonald House provided a comfortable place for Matt and his wife, Deanna, to stay on-site to get much-needed rest without needing to leave Henry’s side. 

Matt and Deanna were humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude to be beneficiaries of this charity and are strong supporters of the great work the organization does to support families while they go through the trials of medical treatment.